Make a Wish Trip in 5 days!

Andrew’s Make A Wish trip is only 5 days away! He is so excited! There are pictures below from his Make a Wish grant party that we wanted to share with you. Andrew will be celebrating his birthday on the cruise (September 11th) and it sounds like they have special plans to decorate the room and a special Mickey Mouse cake. Probably some other things in store for him too. He will be able to swim with dolphins and also sting rays. Make a Wish will be wisking us away in a limo to the airport and every detail until we return has been handled. I’m sure lots of other surprises. They are such an amazing organization! We will be sure to post plenty of pictures after we return from the trip.

Also, we wanted to let you know that Andrew’s health has been pretty good lately. We appreciate all of the prayers. He continues to struggle daily with fatigue, but we just make sure he takes lots of breaks and daily naps to help conserve and rebuild his energy. We are so thankful that his doctors/specialists have been able to keep him stable while we wait for a cure for Mito. We will keep you posted if his condition changes.

Have a blessed Labor Day!

The Madonia’s


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