Andrew’s Make a Wish Trip – Day 2

Andrew’s 2nd day on his Make a Wish Trip was even better than the first.

After a good night’s sleep, Andrew was ready to start his cruise. Unfortunately, we all had to wait until 10:30 to board the Disney Cruise Line bus. So we packed our bags just in time for room service to take them. They were sending them directly to the ship for us, which was very helpful. So off we went to get some breakfast. Nathaniel wanted donuts and Andrew a sausage McMuffin. (Rules for eating healthy can be broken when you are going on a cruise, right?)

We then browsed the great stores that the Orlando Airport has to offer. We saw a Disney store, Sea World store, Universal Studios and even a NASA store. So much fun and ideas on souvenirs to buy when we get back from the cruise.

Finally, the time had come to board the Disney Cruise Line bus. They even reserved the front seats for us! We were having a great time, when the bus driver jokingly asked Nathaniel to sing a song. Nathaniel quickly said no, but without missing a beat Andrew stood up and said I’ll sing. So Andrew grabbed the microphone and sang twinkle twinkle little star to the entire crowd on the bus. It was great! 🙂 Everyone cheered and clapped, then we were off the Port.

After we made it to the port, got checked in, and boarded the ship we toured the Kids area. It was well past lunch time, but nearly impossible to pull the boys out of the kids area. They have so many great things to play with from life size Toy Story toys to simulated computer games to Arts and Crafts and so much more.

We took advantage of the all you can eat at lunch time at Cabanas (buffet). The boys were really enjoying themselves there. Next we visited our room where Andrew had a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Madonia waiting for him. Also, Make a Wish/Disney left us cheese and crackers which the boys dived into right away. 😉

After a tour of our room, we spent some time in the pool before dinner. Dinner was absolutely amazing. The servers made sure that every moment was special. They even made Andrew’s ketchup look like Mickey Mouse. The desserts were simply delicous, too!

After dinner, we decided to tour the rest of the ship. We came across a throne, which we had to take a picture of Nathaniel sitting in it. Then we found a store with an awesome Goofy hat. Doesn’t Andrew look cool with it on? We couldn’t convince him to wear after the picture though.

After, looking around the stores it was time for the Character Dance Party. They had an area in the front reserved for handicapped passengers, so we had a great view of the entire show. Afterwards, Andrew was able to meet his favorite character, Goofy. Goofy was so good with him…Andrew really enjoyed meeting him. After that, we saw Nathaniel favorite character, Mickey Mouse!

That sums up the 2nd day…lots of fun, new experiences and of course great food. The 3rd day is when the best memories happened. We will update you as soon as we can.

Thanks for following Andrew’s Make a Wish Trip.

PS – There are plenty of picture below (You will have to go to to see them)

The Madonia’s


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