Andrew’s Make a Wish Trip – Day 3

Day 3 was one of our favorite days, since so many great memories were made.

The day started with us pulling into port in Nassau, Bahamas. The boys loved seeing all of the beautiful buildings and even a lighthouse. We toured the city for a few hours after the boys ate their Mickey Mouse Waffles. yum! yum! Nathaniel bought a small bongo drum while Andrew bought a Treasure Map. We headed back to the ship afterwards to get into our swim suits, since we were going to swim with the dolphins today. It turned out to be a very good choice by Andrew to go along with his wish.

We boarded the ferry to take us to the beautiful Blue Lagoon Island. It was tucked away about 30 minutes from our port in a small cove. After learning a little bit about the dolphins we were off to the water to meet our dolphins, Aunty V, Nina and Soca. All 3 were very friendly and had great personalities. We are working on a video from our trip that will include footage of the dolphins. The dolphins let us pet them, they gave us each kisses and hugs, we were even able to dance with them holding onto their fins. Nina even picked out a rock for Andrew and Jessica from the ocean floor to keep as a souvenir from their time together. Afterwards Andrew and I (Paul) were pushed by the dolphins across the water…they had us lay in a superman position while the dolphins pushed on our feet and sped us across the water. It was a blast! Soca had a special treat for Andrew, since it was his Make a Wish. They had her jump out of the water onto the dock right next to us. It was a simply amazing experience. Andrew couldn’t stop talking about it.

It was hard to leave the dolphins, but when we returned to our room, Make a Wish and Disney once again surprised us. I forgot to mention that they had decorated the room for Andrew’s Birthday the night before. Today they had milk and cookies waiting on the bed along with a note from Mickey Mouse inviting Andrew (and our family) to a private Make a Wish party. Details on this to come soon.

Next, we were off to the Royal Palace for dinner. The Madonia Favorite of the night was the Spinach and Cheese Souffle. Also, Andrew ordered a Melon boat with strawberries. Once we get the video online, you will see that he had a blast with it. He played with it most of dinner. lol. Their desserts were absolutely amazing too!

Later that evening we came across Donald Duck who posed for pictures with the boys. The boys then wanted to go to the kids area, so Jessica and I decided to play a few games of shuffle board. Let’s just say shuffle board isn’t my thing.

Once we picked up the boys from the kids area, we headed to our room to get some much needed rest. Andrew had to try on his pirate stuff before bed, since tomorrow night is the big Pirate party.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Day 3.

PS – To see the pictures, visit

The Madonia’s


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