Andrew Make a Wish Trip – Day 4

Day 4 started off very sunny, but even the bright sun couldn’t wake Andrew up in the morning. His Mitochondrial Disease was starting to catch up with him…he was so exhausted. It took a little while, but with a little coaxing and promises of Mickey Mouse waffles he decided to get up.

It was another special day, we had pulled into Castaway Cay…Disney’s own island in the Bahamas. We had a great day planned ahead of us, including swimming with Sting Rays, a party with Mickey Mouse and it was our 13th Anniversary.

After breakfast, we headed off the ship and ran into Daisy Duck, who glady stopped to take pictures with the boys. Castaway Cay was absolutely beautiful with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. While in the ocean, someone brought over a sea cucumber for us to see. It was so cool! You will also see this in the video when we have it ready.

After about an hour at the beach we headed over to swim with the Sting Rays. Unfortunately, a storm came sweeping in and kept us stuck underneath the Sting Ray Pavillion for a few hours. Andrew’s wheelchair was still out in the open on the beach, but a few brave Disney workers quickly grabbed it and put it underneath a few umbrellas so it wouldn’t get wet/damaged from the storm. Luckily we had our sand toys with us, so the boys made volcanoes and sand castles during the storm. After the storm subsided our Sting Ray adventure was cancelled, but we made the best of it spending the money on souvenirs instead. 😉

It was lunch time now and a big BBQ was being put on by the Disney crew. We enjoyed our lunch and then headed back to the ship to clean up in time for the big party with Mickey Mouse. We were once again surprised with cheese and crackers from Make a Wish and Disney.

It was so cool that Mickey Mouse put together a party just for the Make a Wish kids and their families. They all colored pictures for him and he lovingly accepted them for his collection. He posed for pictures with each child, and then their families. Rumor had it that we were going to get prints of the pictures before the end of the cruise. What a great time!

The night ended with a romantic dinner at Palo for our 13th Anniversary. Jessica enjoyed being wined and dined. I was a little nervous however, since I didn’t realize that I agreed to buy a bottle of wine…we had a little communication barrier with our waiter. 😉 I think he pulled a fast one on me…anyways I was afraid that I just bought a $300 bottle of wine. It turned out to be only $48. lol. Anyways, it ended up being our best Anniversary dinner ever.

Afterwards, we picked up the boys from the kids area and rushed over to the ever anticipated Pirate party. They had our same spots up front reserved for us. The boys had a blast seeing Captain Hook and his crew take over the ship, but not for long…Mickey and his crew won it back and saved the day. Thank goodness!

Afterwards, we headed back to the room to a creepy looking monkey hanging from the drapes. However, Andrew had money from Make a Wish burning a hole in his pocket, so we headed to the cruise shops. Andrew bought the much sought after Golden Mickey and made sure that he got a picture with Pirate Goofy while holding it. We tried to get him to buy the “Its my birthday” hat for tomorrow, but he would only wear it long enough for the picture.

A very long day, but filled with many more great memories. More to come tomorrow…

PS – to view all of the pictures go to

The Madonia’s


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