Andrew Make a Wish Trip – Day 5

Today was the big day that Andrew was waiting for…his birthday! What a special way to celebrate your birthday…on a cruise!

As soon as Andrew woke up, he wanted to open up his presents. Andrew got a Star Wars lego set and his favorite book “I Love Chocolate.” 🙂 Next we headed out for breakfast, but to our surprise Disney had decorated the door to our stateroom. Andrew kept saying “This is a dream come true.” So sweet.

After breakfast, Andrew wanted to put together his lego set so we headed back to our stateroom. We were once again surprised with a special Birthday note for Andrew and 4 gift cards to the “Arrrcade.” Plans changed a little bit, now Andrew wanted to go to the Arrrcade (you have to say it like a Pirate). He put on his Mickey gloves and we headed off for some fun racing and games.

We had a great time at the Arrrcade. Next the boys wanted to go to the Goofy sports deck where they have basketball, putt putt golf, and other sports related activities. We played basketball for a little bit and then we were visited by Max (Goofy’s boy) who played a little basketball with the boys. Max congratulated Nathaniel on making a three pointer with a big high five. All of the characters were so engaging and fun!

Later that day we came across Donald Duck who was in full cruise attire. The boys posed for pictures with him, too. Afterwards, we met Captain Gus and got his autograph along with a family picture with him. He was really nice!

We then found Donald Duck dancing in the main lobby area…Andrew wanted to get closer to see him dancing. He was in his wheelchair, so it was a little difficult with everyone that had surrounded Donald already. I think Donald recognized him from earlier and offered for Andrew to dance with him. It was such a special moment…we also have this on video.

After dancing with Donald Andrew was pretty hungry. We headed for lunch and Andrew ordered one of his favorites…Mac N’ Cheese…lots of it. lol After loading up on Mac N Cheese we deicded to go back to the room for a minute and found another surprise waiting for Andrew. Mickey Mouse had signed a stuffed animal and left it in the room for Andrew. He also gave us 3 professional pictures from the party the day before. Andrew is so proud of his Mickey Mouse. The also left us a dessert platter that we had to save for later, since we were stuffed from lunch.

Later that night we ate dinner at the amazing Animators Palate. They have TVs on the wall and I can’t figure out how they did it, but the characters carry on a conversation with you. It was really cool to see. They had a guy stand up and tell his wife that he loved her…he hestitated for second, probably in shock that the character was speaking directly to him and the character called him out on it asking him what are you waiting for? It was amazing…guess you had to be there to fully understand. The entire restaurant sang to Andrew for his birthday when the Head waiter brought out his dessert. It was very fun!

When we made it back to the room our Hostess had made a whole zoo of animals and birthday cake out of towels for Andrew. It was so cool. She made sure to make an elephant, since that is his favorite animal.

Nathaniel and Jessica were starting to feel sick, so they stayed back in the room to get some much needed rest while Andrew and I went on to see a show called “Believe.” We had to be escorted through the bottom of the ship to get to the handicapped seating. It was really cool to see where all of the workers sleep. They have water tight doors that we had to wait to open and close before we could move to each section…it was a little eery to know that we were underwater there…reminded me of the movie the titanic. Anyways, the show was absolutely amazing! Andrew was all smiles throughout it. Afterwards we met a very nice couple from Georgia that volunteer at a free yearly camp in Florida for kids (and their families) with life threatening conditions. We gave them a praying for andrew bracelet, so hopefully we will reconnect soon. It sounds like an amazing camp.

That pretty much sums up the day…it was a great birthday for Andrew filled with so many surprises, special memories and fun!

Have a blessed day!

The Madonia’s

PS – You can view all of the pictures at


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