Andrew Make a Wish Trip – Final Day

Today (September 12th) marks the final day of Andrew’s Make a Wish Trip. We pulled into Port Canaveral very early this morning and breakfast is scheduled for 6:45am at Animator’s Palate. Unfortunately, it seems that Jessica, Nathaniel and Andrew are all feeling sick and very tired. It may be a good thing that we are going home today.

We grabbed our remaining bags, said good bye to our stateroom, and headed down for breakfast. It was a little sad to know that our “Dream come true” as Andrew was calling it all week was coming to an end. We had a wonderful breakfast at Animator’s Palate and then headed over to the main lobby where we people watched until the very last minute (9am). Our flight wasn’t leaving Orlando until 5pm, so we wanted to spend as much time as possible on the ship.

After debarking from the ship, we waited in line for about 30 minutes to get through customs and then boarded our bus to the airport. I think we all slept the entire 45 minute ride to the airport. Who thought having so much fun would be so exhausting. 🙂

Once at the airport we gathered all of our luggage and a cart, since we had to keep it with us until 1pm. We definitely looked like tourists with a cart full of luggage about 5 feet tall. lol. We ate lunch in the food court and then shopped the cool stores. Andrew and Nathaniel bought Harry Potter blankets while Jessica found some great things in the Disney store. Finally it was time to check in our luggage and head over to the gates.

We all needed a pick me up, so we splurged and all got Frappacinnos (sp?). The boys were pretty excited about that. While we were waiting at the gate, the boys made a spot for their stuffed Mickey and Goofy characters to sit, too.

Next, we got in the front of the line to board the plane and that’s when things turned…Andrew got sick and threw up all over right before we boarded the plane. Fortunately, another Make a Wish family was at the front of the line and offered up wipes to help clean him up, but it wasn’t enough. We took him to the bathroom and unfortunately had to take all of his clothes off. We now had a dilemna, our plane was about to leave and we didn’t have any clothes with us for Andrew. We wrapped him up in a blanket and headed to the gate to explain our situation. It turns out that the Southwest Airlines people reserved a row for us and one of the Flight Attendants (Ryan) grabbed a shirt from his own luggage to give to Andrew. The same flight attendant attended to Andrew and Nathaniel the entire trip bringing them extra water, tylenol and wet towels to help fight off their fevers. We sent a note to Southwest to let them know how much he went above and beyond the call of duty to turn a disaster into a wonderful experience.

Once we landed, as you can imagine, we were glad to be home. Modji met us with the limo to take us home and we had a great conversation with him. He had driven nearly 7000 Make a Wish kids to the airport over his 18 year career. Sometimes it is 5 or 6 in a day. What an amazing man!

Well, as we all know, all things must come to an end, but the memories made this week will last a lifetime. Thank you for following Andrew’s Make a Wish Trip. We are so blessed to have you a part of Andrew’s journey.

The Madonia’s

PS – to see the pictures, go to


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