Andrew and Nathaniel Update

It has been awhile since updating you all on how the boys are doing…

They are doing so well since we moved up to Pine (north of Payson, AZ) from Phoenix. They are enjoying life now that we are living in a place where the temperatures are much cooler (about 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix).

Andrew has been able to go outside daily, which is helping build his strength and endurance. We are still in the process of dealing with his “episodes” that continue to baffle his doctors. However, we are learning how to better handle them and, fortunately, they are less frequent and shorter in duration.

Also, we have found an excellent therapist for both boys. This has been very helpful dealing with ongoing difficult issues.

Nathaniel still relies on his feeding tube to maintain his weight. We are slowly making progress though.

I am thrilled with both of the boys’ progress this year as we continue to homeschool both of them…

Andrew is testing at 5th to 6th grade levels for most subjects (technically he is in 3rd grade). He was tested by a neuro psychologist which helped to us to adjust to his learning style.

Nathaniel is making great progress with all subjects, especially in his writing skills. He is finishing up 7th grade strong. He definitely has the mind of an engineer! His creations amaze me. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home and be apart of their schooling.

Paul and I are feeling much more at peace with the ongoing medical issues which has been a great blessing. Our move to the mountains has truly been the best thing for our family. We thank God for his guidance and direction always.

Jessica and Paul

Andrew Fishing

Nathaniel and Andrew - Musical Instrument Museum

Nathaniel and Andrew Science

Nathaniel - Niagara Falls and Seattle Space Needle

Andrew - Big Ben and the Bald Eagle

Nathaniel Fishing

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